Users and patients

Dear users and patients, take a moment of your time and allow yourself to be carried away by photos of our products into a world of variegated restorations.
Under Section Aesthetic you find photo galleries with works by Stamos Silitec AG from the fields of finger prostheses, thumb prostheses, partial hand prostheses stump, forearm cosmetics, breast prostheses, toe prostheses, forefoot prostheses and lower leg prostheses.
Under Section Functional you find photo galleries with works by Stamos Silitec AG from the fields of forearm liners, upper arm liners, hand prostheses, burn care silicone gloves, burn care face masks, foot support splints and lower leg positioning splints.
In Motion Again
Mobility is an important part of our quality of life – at any age. Stamos Silitec AG are working on maintaining or restoring your mobility. Our challenge is to see the world through your eyes so we can help with our products, our knowledge and our service to improve your quality of life.

By our prostheses, we give you back your mobility so you can engage in your activities of daily life and leisure without major restrictions. This, of course, will always require a restoration which matches your individual needs. The optimal type of restoration will be worked out in consultation with our team.

Arm prostheses can replace the most important basic functions of the missing hand – such as opening and closing the hand – and restore the outer appearance. From cosmetic to myoelectric components, Stamos Silitec AGoffer the complete spectrum of arm prostheses.

Whatever your needs, we have the solution for you.